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  • 13th April
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Letting Go

*written for my weekly blog post at Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover*
Ya know, how when you were a kid, at the park, playing on the monkey bars, inevitably, you would get to a point, where you were afraid to let go of the rungs, not sure if you would make it to the next rung safely, or fall to the ground and skin your knees?

BUT , you absolutely have to let go in order to get to the next rung and make any progress. And, even though it seemed really scary, the drop to the ground really wasn’t ever that far away? And, even if you fell, you weren’t going to get that banged up.

Welp, that’s what I did today. I let go of the rung, and I’m reaching for the next one, and the next one, and the next one, and I have no idea what’s about to happen, or how many rungs there are before I reach safety. All I know, is that I had to let go, or remain hanging from the same darn rung, while everyone else moves onto the next part of the playground without me.

In plain English, I just put my notice in to my landlords. I am moving out of my lovely little townhouse that I have lived in for 7 out of my 13 years in Los Angeles. I’m pretty darn terrified right now.

See, here’s the thing, as much as I love this place, it is just more than I can afford to pay on my own (even tho its a FABULOUS price for a 2Bedroom/2-Floor Townhouse right on the edge of Hollywood and Studio City), and I am done, finit, exassperated, fed-up, and completely OVER having roommates and/or subletters.

I have had TWENTY SIX Roommates in the past 13 years. 17 of them have lived in this townhouse with me. That’s not including short-term, temporary (less then a month) guests. 7 of these roommate situations ended very badly, others were just okay, and others I’m still friends with. And yes, I do need to write a one-woman show about roommates.

With all that being said, I just feel it’s time to let go, and move on. I’m running myself further into debt staying here. Every pay-check that shows up is immediately cashed and sent to the next most pressing bill that’s overdue. The energy here is stale, 17 other ppl have lived here! (not counting the 5 subletters last year while I travelled).

Last month, I gave my latest subletter his notice to move out. His prescense was overbearing, his energy off, and he was a bit of an adult bully. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching and have really resonated with moving to a new space. A new space. My own space. I have been scouring rental sites, driving around neighborhoods, and putting the word out to my network that I need a new home.

What I really want, and what I’m manifesting is a guest house. Something quaint and affordable, something clean and modern, something quiet and peaceful, something temporary, where I can re-group and save up some money for a few months.

I’ve had some awesome leads, and met some really great people in the Tolucca Lake area, but so far, nothing in my modest budget ($700).

So why did I give my notice to move out, if I don’t have a place to move into yet?

It’s that old saying, “Jump and the net will appear”. So I jumped.. just now.

I jumped really, really, high and in the next few weeks I will land. Somewhere. Whether it’s in a quaint, clean, modern lil guest house, or whether it’s on one of my loving friend’s couches, I will indeed land, and I have faith that the scratches, bumps, and bruises won’t be too bad.

As a child, I would have never imagined in a million years, that I would be a single, 30-something woman, living in Hollywood, facing the very real possibility of being a homeless couch-surfer… lol… Never, would I have thought that. I planned on marrying Bret Michaels, being best friends with Madonna and saving the world with Mother Theresa.

But, here I am, swinging from one hand, on a monkey-bar in Hollywood.. letting go of this building I’ve called home for 7 years, letting go of all of the memories associated with it, preparing to have a huge moving sale to downsize the few possessions and pieces of furniture that I have.

Sending smoke signals out to the universe that I make it safely to the other side.

I know I will… the scariest part is over, I let go, now I just got to build the monkey-bar momentum to make it to the end…wherever the end may be.

Live Love. Love Life.


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And if you’re reading, this is what I’m looking for:
Los Angeles Area (30 mile radius)

Guest House/Guest Quarters/ or 1BR Apartment
$700 w/utilities included
Parking and Washer/Dryer
Cat Friendly as I have 2 very well-behaved, indoor only, 13 and 11yr old male kitties
I would make an excellent tenant. I am quiet, low-key, rarely have company, and travel out of town, a lot