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  • 21st March
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#CoffeeChats aka my new business venture

Just a quick note to let you know about a business I just launched, "Coffee Chat Consultations".  You can pick my brain for one hour, over coffee or tea, about a large variety of areas for creative professionals (actors, musicians, producers, writers, models, etc). I customize your consultation based on your needs and knowledge, we can discuss anything from the basics on up, in a one-on-one setting.

I met with my first client yesterday, and rather than clog up your email with a long list of my references and experience, I’ll let this amazing testimonial speak for me! :)


 "I’ve been in this town a dozen years (mostly as a writer) and only recently have been encouraged to pursue acting. I learned more from Leah in an hour than in the last six months! Awesome leads. Hire her! Very grateful. She’s providing an excellent service!" — Daniel Halem


If this sounds like something you or someone you know might benefit from please check outhttp://www.leahcevoli.com/coffee-chat-consultations/ 


Special Discounts only for my Coffee Chat Clients are coming in daily, and include discounts with my favorite head-shot photographer , my favorite makeup artist; discounts at my favorite hair salon and nail salon, and many more to come!


Thanks for reading, hope the adventure you’re currently on is a fun one!

~Leah Cevoli


P.S.  I just completed my level 2 Tibetan Reiki Certification and would love to assist you with some vibrational energy healing.  If you’re feeling stuck, and would like me to clear some of that out for you, let’s schedule a healing session asap!  

Love Donation ($10 suggested)

  • 6th March
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  • 20th January
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  • 13th June
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Gypsy Mode Month Two

(written for my weekly column “Adventures in Randomness & Rock n Roll)

I have now entered month TWO of Gypsy Mode.  I first announced my upcoming journey on Easter Sunday; and then posted an update during month one..

It’s been about 5 weeks since I officially became “homeless”. Homeless meaning without a home of my own, no lease, no landlord, no address outside of my PO Box.

In the past five weeks I have had some awesomely incredible freelance/thrival gigs working for many top-notch musicians (Coldplay, Mike Diamond, Sugarland, and LMFAO).   I was also up for consideration to be a full-time personal assistant to a Grammy award winning musical genius and his family.  The job was a salaried position, with benefits, and even possible housing down the line.  I did a trial run with this family but alas I got offered the “back-up” position and not the full-time one.

Which is perfectly A-OK. 

As much as I crave stability, and a regular paycheck, and the ever elusive medical insurance, my heart was already crying (after only a few days) out that it could not give up the freedom I have struggled for so long to have, to be someone else’s assistant. I just can’t do it. If I was in my 20’s maybe, but I am not.

I’m great with temporary gigs like that, even short-term assignments, I had no problem at all, and enjoyed being a supervisor for a few months for the 2010 Census, but at the end of the day… I have given up so much, and struggled for so long, to be able to live the life that I want to live… to be able to visit family/friends when I want to, without having to worry about a boss, that to change everything for a full-time gig doing someone else’s grocery shopping and errands would literally crush my soul.

However, to be on the back-up, occasionally needed list… PERFECT.

This of course, still does not solve the fact that I have no real income currently, and no deposit or rent money when I find a new spot to call home.  And after losing my Hard Rock Gig…   things are a bit shaky.

On the other hand, it does sort of feel really liberating and free to NOT have a rent/mortgage due, and no longer have any utility bills in my name.  I literally could go and do anything at all that is presented to me at this moment.  My things are already in storage, and my mail is going to a PO Box.

I feel like this would be the perfect time in my life to go on tour, either with a band, or a promotional job, and have been submitting resumes to every tour opportunity I see.  It would be amazing to just get out on the road for a month or two. Cut all living expenses completely (outside of car payment/cellphone), and breathe in the air and culture all across the US, or even better overseas, all while doing something really fun, AND pulling in a great paycheck.

So I’m focusing on that, and hoping within in the next week or so, I’ll have some solid leads.

I’ve hung out with 2 cute/interesting guys as well, and it’s really funny, but no one seems to think it’s a big deal that I’m “homeless.”  It’s like, everyone’s kind of like, “don’t stress, you’ll find something”. Luckily for me, I have a solid group of long-term friends out here, and no shortage of crash pads. 

Month one I spent in a spare room at a friend’s apt in West Hollywood.  And now month two, I have moved to a friend’s apt in Sherman Oaks.  I think a month is a good time-table in my situation, I don’t want to overstay my welcome, and at the same point, shake it up a bit, I’m getting to experience life in different neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, for me, I have decided to leave my kitties with a friend in Gardena, CA.  It’s not fair to drag them all over the place right now, and it’s easier for me to be able to quickly mobilize without them. I havent seen them in 4 weeks, and it’s killing me. They’ve been my only constant companions since moving to Hollywood in 1999.

On the career front, there are a few upcoming projects that I am truly excited about. ACTING projects.  I’ll be putting together an official newsletter/announcement in the next few days with more information on that.  If you’re not signed up for my newsletter, you can do so here: http://eepurl.com/g7tLc

After that last career burn, I’ve decided I’m not really interested in helping to produce anyone else’s projects.  I’ve paid my dues and have a lot of knowledge and experience to share, including a vast community of friends/fans always willing to help out.  I will be more guarded with all of that, it is dear to me, and I’m not willing to put my heart and soul and community into someone else’s project, just so they can fire me days before shooting, still reap the benefits of everything I brought to the table, and refuse to pay me for my time and talents.

I will produce again, it’s in my blood, but it will be something that I’ve created or am a partner in, not some random Joe Schmo who finds me on the internet and asks me to help produce while dangling a starring role in front of me.

I have also attended many Kundalini classes in the past 6 weeks, and am really feeling a greater shift in my level of intuition and consciousness. I’m feeling it, but I’m still not actively always listening to it. And that’s where the gold lies. Being able to listen and hear the wisdom that our consciousness has for us.

So that’s where I am… in Month 2 of #GypsyMode

I am safe. I am loved.

The intensity of people/jobs/projects that have come into my life recently, and then just as suddenly *poofed* vanished, truly signifies that I am on the right path, and opening space up for bigger and better opportunities in all areas of my life.

I’m excited to see what the rest of this month has to offer!

  • 1st June
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…well, that’s a real bummer…

I am totally bummed right now.

I didn’t wake up sad. I woke up happy. It’s Friday. It’s sunny out. My schedule is light today. Yoga class and accupuncture are the only reasons I have to leave the house.

It was a good morning.

 Until my phone rang..got a call from my Co-Host and Stage Manager over at The Hard Rock and they no longer are going to have me down there 2x a week co-hosting and collecting donations for the spotlight charity.

Management recently changed our format, and instead of travelling around from table to table collecting donations, there’s now a table set up out front, and it’s just not as effective. Which means, our weekly donations are lower, a lot lower.

So, in an effort to raise the donation level back up, my gig will be handled by a few of the already existing staff (hence my additional pay, goes back into the charity pot).

It makes total sense from a managerial standpoint where the bottom line is money.

I’m really, truly bummed though as this was a gig I excel and shine at. The staff on the ground-floor were amazing people to work with, treated me like gold every time I got there. I met a ton of cool new bands, and even got to share the stage with some grammy winning artists (Matchbox 20, Lifehouse, Everclear).

The good news is, I found out since I started at The Hard Rock 2 months ago, we raised over $3500 for our previous spotlight charity, “VH1’s Save The Music”, and special thanks to my awesome lady friends who covered a few shifts and contributed to raising money for this awesome cause {Denise Vasquez, Tanya Perez, & Kristyn Burtt}. You all rock.

This gig combined three of my life passions; Hosting, Music, and Charity and I’m seriously bummed.

I really felt at home there, and could see it going for a long-time, and on a larger scale… *sigh*

Like ready to shed a tear, bummed.

I love hosting.. love.. :

(side note: And at this point in my #gypsymode-just-sold-all-of-my-life-belongings-to-survive-a-little-longer-out-here, this gig was my only reliable income for the past 2 months, and the foreseable future, and the only income that I could look to to almost help me make a rent payment when I find my new place. )

And maybe it’s not so much this particular gig (although mostly), I’m definitely feeling the pangs of really wanting my life, my income, my gigs to be stable. I mean, sure, anyone in any career can get blindsided and let go from a gig out of the blue, but none so much as the entertainment biz…

I’d be lieing if I didnt say one hand is reaching for the towel. Thirteen years is a long time to keep falling off the balance beam, waiting for all of the judges to give you a perfect 10 at the same exact time, so that you can get that gold medal on the pedestal.


  • 8th October
  • 08

Growing Pains

The past 30 days have been a roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs.

At the end of August I said goodbye to a very dear friend of over 13 years. It was a tragic passing, and unfortunately the circumstances surrounding his passing were tainted with hollywood drama, and the weeks since his passing were tainted with stupid facebook drama. As someone who was more like family than a friend, I found myself having to deal with a lot of it.  By choice of course.. I could have turned a blind eye, but I along with his family and closest friends, have been dealing with a lot of shit to keep his memory in a positive light….

but along with the drama, there has also been a lot of wonderful, loving, warmth surrounding his passing.  He was an east coast boy, living in la for 8years now, and the outpouring of love from both coasts has been tremendous.  I met up with a group of east coast friends at his services, who have instantly become very special ppl in my life. People that I wish I had known while he was alive, but am so grateful for the connection after his passing.  Myself along with many of his closest friends have organized tribute concerts on both coasts for our friend.. you can find out more info here:


This is not the first time I’ve lost a friend tragically, but it never gets any easier.. so I’ve had my ups and downs with this, mostly crying quietly in moments of peace and laughing and delighting at all of the many signs he’s been sending to so many of his loved ones. Johnny was very spiritual and a believer in signs, and boy has he been sending them.

Career wise/ lifewise.. I decided it was time to head back to LA for awhile.  After a year on the east coast, I felt grounded enough, and relaxed enough to jump back into the go-go-go energy here in Cali.   I had an amazing year on the east coast, and really was welcomed into not only the acting community, but was also welcomed whole-heartedly by the east coast agents, casting directors, and sag community.   In the past year, I have been invited to speak at my former high-school, college, marketing classes for actors, and the philly sag conservatory community.  It is with a somewhat heavy-heart that I bid my farewells to all of those ppl that made my year in Philly so productive and fun.  But as I reminded them, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon.. I have definitely accomplished the bi-coastal connections and career energy that I was seeking.

Just before I headed west I had *the* biggest audition of my life for a feature shooting in Pittsburgh.  10 pages of sides just for the audition, with 2 of my 3 scenes being with an actor who is beyond a-list status.  Fingers still crossed as it’s only been 2 weeks, an amazing opportunity.. life-changing role.

And then I drove across country with myself and my 2 cats.  It took us 6 days, as we really took our time, and stopped every night to stay with friends, eat dinner, have breakfast, and enjoy the ride. Plus, with the cats… I have to stop for the night, there’s no cat-naps at rest-stops w/kitties in the car. (no pun intended) lol

Driving cross-country alone is challenging, let’s face it there’s a lot that can go wrong, but it’s also so beautiful, such a meditative experience, and reconnection with your self, and our beautiful country.

So here I am.. back in Los Angeles.

I arrived to the most filthy, disgusting, home I have ever witnessed. No joke. The last time I was here was April, and I can pretty much say the subletter that was here from May onward, never cleaned. GROSS.  So My first day here was spent hiring cleaners and carpet shampooers and just totally cleaning from top to bottom.  And then on Day 2.. when I was planning on unpacking and rearranging my life…  I jumped into a hard-core workout with my friend Andy, and twisted my ankle trying to hop on one-leg thru 12 tires.   So that pretty much put a damper on the entire week.

I’ve been blessed to have a few friends stop by to check on me, but for the most part I’ve been alone with my kitties.  And that’s okay.. I’ve been slowly, slowly, unpacking things.. there’s a lot to unpack.. not just the stuff I brought back from the east coast, but the rest of my belongings that I had boxed up here, and put in closets and the shed. I guess I’m a little more than 1/2 way done.

There was a girl from the east coast who was supposed to move in with me, but she ended up flaking out, and got her own place somewhere else.  It’s funny, but I’m always most wary of the females who say “let’s be roommates, we can do x, y, and z together and it’ll be so much fun!”… and with good reason.  It’s a shame for her tho, she’s brand new to town, and I would definitely have shown her around and helped her get settled. Oh well. C’est le vie.

However, the universe has provided me with a most amazing roommate for November. And I am looking forward to the quietness of October and his arrival in November.

And lastly… in between friends passing away, moving 3000 miles, and twisting my ankle.. I have signed on to produce a really meaningful, powerful feature film. Untold, is the true story of a little girl who was abducted and raped when she was 8 years old. She jumped from the abducter’s car and survived.. Untold is her story. I am honored to be a producer on this project as well as having a small on-camera role, and doing some voice-over for the project… please check out our fundraising page.. every dollar helps:


I’ve got some more career announcements coming shortly, as well as working on a new website, updating my hosting reel, and finally getting my very-first new and improved newsletter out thru mail-chimp (sign up here: http://eepurl.com/e6OeA )

Live Love. Love Life.


  • 31st December
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Happy New Year!

I set myself a deadline of 12-31-2010 to start a new blog. There is still much customization to be done, but alas the blog is started.

Who am I?  I’m Leah.  I’m a romantic, free-spirited, adventurous, hippie-rocker girl from Philadelphia, PA.  I’m a sister, a daughter, a taurus, and the type of gal who wins online voting contests. (I just won free lasik eye surgery from Kremer Eye center! yay!).

I love rock n roll, karoake, road-trips, horror movies, spontaneous adventures, photographs, astrology, yoga, social media, and passionate people.

I’m also an actress, a host, a producer, a poet, and a voice-actor for the amazingly snarky hit series, Robot Chicken.

I’m currently producing 2 web-series, Livin’ On A Dream (an inspirational talk-show), and On The Road with Leah (a weekly vlog documenting my travels).

I’ve been living in Los Angeles, since 1999. A few months ago, I decided to sublet my place in LA, move back east, and try this bi-coastal thing.

So far, it’s been mostly about re-charging, and re-jeuvenating. I’ve started accupuncture, bikram yoga, svaroopa yoga, and holistic/spiritual counseling. After 11yrs in Los Angeles, I found myself running on empty.

I’m at a cross-roads, a fork in the road, letting my soul speak and trying my best to actively listen to what it’s saying.

And currently it’s saying.. WRITE!! 

Welcome to my blog.

Happy New Year!

Live Love. Love Life. Keep Rockin’